JANUARY 23, 1929 -
something has happened, dear readers.
i had taken a trip out west in november (2013), to get away from the terrible skid the packers entered, and i procured a large chunk of sequoia wood, ancient and red and beautiful. it seemed more rock than wood. last night i was sitting in my old rocking chair by the wood-stove and decided to toss it into the flames.
i had strange dreams and awoke in a new world: the newspaper on my front-step said it was 1929.
i looked in the mirror and was young again. a dapper young man.
what is truly strange is that i remember who i am and have access to the internet (and twitter, although nobody here understands what the internet or twitter are), but i have no memories of what happens between this space and time and my old rocking chair by the retirement wood-stove.
a few years ago when i decided to stop my packers writings i remember thinking:
"I don't know how I will find the strength to write ferociously again, and it may be months or years, but whenever I am ready to hammer the keys I will strike off into a strange and new direction." and so it seems i am there, years and years and years ago. 
and what is to come?
i realize i am probably the only packers blogger here in 1929, the only person with access to twitter, but i must do what comes naturally: report and write. so you have me again. all of me.
there is no super-bowl this year, the nfl season is over and a new one begins. there is no draft. the nfl includes ten teams. have you ever heard of the frankford yellow-jackets? or the dayton triangles? they're all god-damned scoundrels! rascals. ruffians. so are the defending champions, the providence steam-rollers. we finished in fourth place in 1928, but i have faith in coach lambeau, and '29 feels like a winner, dear readers. if you can read this, that is. and if you can, i hope you'll join me. go packers, until next time then,